Turbolab 7




Turbolab 7



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• Interactive software that allows to visualise, analyse, calculate and document measurement data.

TurboLab was developed by experts in measurement data acquisition explicitly for measurement technology. Its comfortable handling and a functionality aligned with daily practice complies with your demands on an up-to-date application. No matter if you aim at capturing, visualising or processing data – using TurboLab the easiest way usually achieves the goal. A detailed online help manual referring to issues in their respective context  – of course in English as well as in German – will not only support the process of getting familiar with the application but also help to solve complex tasks.


• A development environment that allows for scripting and thus will automate repeating tasks in measuring and at test rigs.

Scripting language compatible to C

Learn how to script by simply operating the application interactively.

Upgrade TurboLab's standard package by adding algorithms or command sequences.

Generate custom menues or dialogues

 Automate data acquisition to even directing an entire test rig.

Use TurboLab's scripting language to adapt the application to your individual needs: add special algorithms, create functions for frequently used command sequences or develop entire interfaces catering to your needs. In the process TurboLab 'learns' a script as you interactively operate the application – you do not necessarily have to program yourself.